What Is Solar Power Multi-Level Marketing, and How Do You Get Leads for Solar Power MLM?

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The use of solar energy has been in existence since early civilization. In the modern world, this concept has grown into a popular idea, especially for those who want to find a more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to generating electricity. Even so, it can be challenging for solar companies to grow their business.

Just like any other industry, it’s important for solar companies to play the long game. This means establishing their brand, raising awareness, building their customer base, and converting leads into paying customers. It’s no different when it comes to multi-level marketing companies venturing into solar energy. If they want to succeed, MLM companies must make sure that a solid strategy is in place. There must be seamless cohesion between the work of their marketing team and their sales team.

Typically, it is the responsibility of the marketing team to spread the word and acquire solar leads. Creating solar leads, on the other hand, is clearly insufficient. The sales strategy must take into account how the leads will be nurtured until they close the deal. This process can be tedious  laborious and painstakingly slow. It is not without a few difficulties.

By better understanding the process of generating leads for solar power multi-level marketing companies, it can be an easier and better process. There are also simpler ways to acquire solar leads, which we will cover later on in this article.

What Is Solar Power MLM?

A solar power MLM (multi-level marketing) is a business model in which individuals, called independent representatives or members, sell solar energy products or services and earn commissions based on their sales and the sales of members they recruit into the organization. 

This recruitment forms a hierarchical structure, with members earning commissions not only on their own sales but also on the sales of members they recruit, and on the members those recruits recruit, and so on. This creates multiple levels of commissions, hence the name multi-level marketing.

In a solar power MLM, the products or services being sold may include solar panels, solar-powered generators, solar water heaters, and other solar-related products or services. The members of the MLM network are responsible for generating leads, selling the products or services, and recruiting new members. Some examples of solar power MLM companies include Ambit Energy, Sunrun, and SolarCity.

It’s important to note that while many MLM companies are legitimate businesses, there are also some that engage in unethical or illegal practices, such as pyramid schemes. It’s important to thoroughly research a solar power MLM before joining to ensure it is the right opportunity.

How to Find a Good Solar Power MLM

When searching for a good solar power MLM, it is important to research the company’s reputation, its track record of success, and its financial stability. Additionally, it is important to thoroughly review the compensation plan and ensure that it is fair and reasonable. It is also important to make sure that the products or services offered are of good quality and in demand. 

Furthermore, you should look at the company’s management team and the experience they bring to the table. Finally, it is recommended to consult with industry experts and seek out the opinions of current or former members of the MLM.

Are MLM Solar Power Companies Legit?

MLM companies in the solar power industry, like any other MLM company, can be both legitimate and illegitimate. Many MLM companies in the solar power industry may offer high-quality products and services and have a fair and reasonable compensation plan for their members. 

However, like any other MLM, some companies may engage in deceptive or fraudulent practices, such as exaggerating income potential, making unrealistic claims about their products, or pressuring members to purchase overpriced inventory. 

It is important to thoroughly research any MLM company, including those in the solar power industry, before making a decision to join. It is recommended to consult with industry experts and seek out the opinions of current or former members of the MLM.

Getting Solar Energy Leads

The very first step to properly executing a lead-generation strategy for an MLM company is to gain a better understanding of the process.

Let’s start with leads and why they are important to a business. Leads make businesses sustainable, as they are potential customers that can be nurtured throughout the buying journey until they convert into installed customers. Without leads, the rest of the buying process won’t happen. There won’t be sales to close, solar panels to install, or customers to satisfy. 

While it’s not often a guarantee that you will close deals by acquiring large numbers of leads, it does improve your odds of converting leads into installs. The more leads one generates, the better the chances of conversion.

Solar lead generation can be done in a number of ways. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Establishing an Online Presence

Nowadays, the majority of customer relationship building takes place on the internet. People often search online for more information about things that interest them. It’s understandable that those who potentially want to have solar power installed will surf the Internet to learn more about the process, how much it will cost, and which companies are reputable. Online exposure can be useful to MLM companies trying to reach relevant customers.

This strategy will usually involve establishing a company’s presence in social media and search engine results. It will also be helpful to post content on the MLM’s website. Organic searches can only be truly maximized if they lead users to good content that will allow them to learn about the company and their offerings.

Running Online Ads

While it is worthwhile to cultivate the organic side of marketing, the more effective strategy relies on harnessing the power of online advertisements. Whether the ads are run on Facebook, Google, or Instagram, paying to get the message across to people interested in solar power can help a lot. Producing good content and posting every day can only do so much.

With online ads, there will be more chances to boost online visibility, expand one’s reach, and drive traffic to the website and other important pages. It is even better if the ads are designed to target those who are highly interested in buying solar power, as this group of people is not only looking for information but has already shown an inclination to purchase.

This is where being keyword-savvy comes in handy. The ads can be shown to users searching for specific keywords or phrases with the intention of buying. This includes search terms such as solar panel companies. Remarketing can also be very effective, as it will serve ads to users who have already interacted with previous ads or visited the website.

Buying Solar Leads

The easier route when it comes to generating solar leads is to buy them. This will skip the long and often tedious process of generating leads through ad campaigns and content creation. It’s important to find interested homeowners before the competition gets to them. 

Many companies are offering to generate solar leads for solar power MLM companies. Most of the solar leads on sale are real-time leads. The highest converting leads are also phone verified by the lead generation company.

Solar leads that weren’t sold in a certain period of time become “aged leads,” which are usually priced lower than freshly generated leads. Aged leads have lower conversion rates and require lots of dialing time.

Most of the time, leads are validated and made searchable. This means salespeople can filter the leads they acquire using information such as a landline or mobile number and a ZIP code. Leads that are sold are often provided in CSV format, allowing MLM companies to upload the information into their CRM.

How Much Are Solar Leads?

The cost of solar leads varies from company to company. The location can also impact the cost of a solar panel, which can be anywhere between $35 and $500. Some solar leads are only $1 for the lowest converting, and range to $1000 for highest converting leads. To get a better gauge of the cost, one should take into consideration some of the factors that can influence how much a solar lead is priced.

Cities or states with a higher consumer interest in going green and installing solar power will find more solar companies vying for customers. This means the competition is fierce, which can drive up the price of leads. The competing companies are bidding for the same solar leads and investing heavily in them, which is driving up the cost.

It’s not surprising to find solar leads can be quite expensive. That is why it is important to find a company with reasonably priced solar leads that are of high quality.

Is Buying Solar Leads Worth It?

There are only two ways to acquire solar leads: generate your own or buy them from credible companies.

For an MLM business, buying solar leads can be a good investment. The cost of solar power installation is about $16,000 on average. The price can even go as high as $35,000, depending on the type and componentsl. Solar is considered a smart investment which can help people save money on energy costs and protect the environment in the process.

Even if companies buy solar leads for a higherprice of $150 or more, they can still get a good value for their money ionce they have converted the solar lead into a paying customer.

The main problem with creating leads on their own is that the process can be quite slow and daunting. They will have to make sure their campaigns, whether online or offline, are working and effective to generate enough solar leads. They must also carry the burden of validating the leads and making sure they are qualified.

The nurturing process, too, does not happen overnight. They need to place the leads in a marketing funnel and guide the potential customer throughout the journey. This can take days, weeks, months, or even years.

If they choose to buy, they will benefit from the convenience of readily available solar leads that are screened and vetted. This means these leads are not only composed of people who are showing interest in solar energy but are often prepared to have it installed in their own homes. They are highly motivated to buy, which makes them ideal prospects for MLM companies.

The Cost of Exclusive Solar Leads

Exclusive solar leads are leads that can be purchased by just one client. This means they will own the exclusive right to those leads. In most cases, exclusive leads can cost around $150 or more per solar lead.

Exclusive leads have less competition for their high buying intent. That is why they can be very expensive, as people who are on this list have the motivation to actually get solar power installed in their homes. This means higher conversion on the solar company’s end. MLM companies can take advantage of this exclusivity, as they can get ahead of the competition in terms of looking for potential clients. They can also expect a higher ROI.

Should MLM Companies Buy Leads?

It’s important to weigh the options and explore both the pros and cons of different lead-generation strategies. Those who consider purchasing leads may want to consider getting them from Clean Energy Experts.

CEE makes it a point to phone verbal verify 100% of  leads before they reach our clients. This means your sales team can have better opportunities to convert their leads into paying clients. Alternatively, they can also avail themselves of real-time leads that have just passed the quality check. Even better, clients will only have to pay for leads that they receive, allowing them to bid at a level that they are comfortable with.