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Buy Solar Leads for More Accurate Targeting at a Lower Cost

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Businesses in the solar industry that want to grow both their clientele and their revenue prefer to buy solar leads. Investing in solar leads is a smart move, especially when done through reputable sources, for a number of reasons:

Targeted marketing

By purchasing solar leads, solar companies can choose the specific criteria of the leads they receive, allowing them to focus their marketing efforts on those who are most likely to be interested in their products or services.

Criteria that can be targeted in generating solar leads include the location of the potential customer, the type of property they own (such as residential or commercial), the type of solar energy system they are interested in and their budget for the system. By targeting specific characteristics, solar companies can reach leads who are more likely to be interested in their services and who meet their sales criteria.

Increased efficiency

Rather than spending time and resources trying to find potential customers through traditional marketing methods, buying solar leads allows solar companies to focus on sales and installation rather than lead generation. Sales and revenue growth for the company can be accelerated by excluding those who have no interest in solar energy and focusing on the most promising leads.


Buying solar leads can be more cost-effective than other forms of marketing such as print and TV ads, which can be expensive and may not always reach the right audience. Paying for qualified leads can yield better results, which makes it more practical.

Increased revenue

Solar lead generation companies give businesses the chance to reach more potential customers, boost sales, and expand their operations. A trustworthy lead generation company will provide access to a pool of qualified leads based on the target market, so solar companies can gain important knowledge and information about the solar industry and potential clients. By doing this, they are able to analyze the data gathered and decide on smart marketing and sales strategies that will lead to an increase in revenue.

What are solar leads?

Solar leads are generated through various platforms where potential customers express interest in solar power solutions. These can include online landing pages, radio ads, TV commercials, and toll-free numbers. 

Solar lead generation companies often focus on the first 24 to 48 hours after solar lead generation, during which time they sell the leads to solar companies as “live” or “real-time” leads. 

Solar leads cost from $10 to $300 and can vary widely depending on factors such as the geographic region the lead comes from, the level of screening that has been done, and the method used to generate leads.

Exclusive Live Transfer Leads

Live transferring leads that have already demonstrated interest in solar power can enhance the likelihood of successful conversions. Since they are willing to stay on the phone, the prospect is likely very interested in the product or service being offered. The quick transfer while the lead is still on the call with the agent also increases the chances of a successful conversion, as the lead’s interest is still strong. This is an important task that Clean Energy Experts can perform for solar companies.

Buy Solar Leads from a Trustworthy Lead Generation Company

Clean Energy Experts is a solar lead generation company that helps solar energy installers find new customers and grow their business. As customer acquisition and marketing specialists, we support our partners’ marketing efforts by using solar lead generation systems to achieve greater reach and customer flow. 

We focus on cost-effective channels and techniques to generate solar leads and work around the clock to ensure a consistent supply of high-quality solar leads. Our proprietary targeting and filtering algorithms generate leads in real time from various channels to deliver highly targeted potential customers.

We also employ leading-edge online marketing and data analysis strategies to ensure that each solar lead produced will translate into an effective return on investment for our partners.

How to Buy Solar Leads from Clean Energy Experts

Set your filters and bid price

After creating a campaign and selecting your geographic filters, set your lead bid price. Your filters and bid price can be changed at any time.

Receive leads in real-time.

Customers who request solar quotes and are approved by our operations team enter our system right away as live leads. If your filters and bid price match the lead, you and your colleagues will receive it in real-time via email, CRM, and/or text message. You will only pay for leads that have valid contact information.

Grow profitably

The return on investment for our leads can be calculated at any time, and campaigns can be modified accordingly. With the help of our lead generation services and optimization methods, your business will gain access to solar-interested customers, improve cost-per-close, spend less on marketing and advertising, and save a ton of time and effort.
Buy solar leads now and start converting them into sales.