Our Clients Stay With Us

Your Trusted Partner: We believe the clean energy market is poised for exceptional growth and through increased consumer education and efficient marketing techniques, we can unlock consumer demand at a lower cost to you, the service or product provider. We expect to provide you with exceptional services and to grow together with your business.

Our Quality Guarantee: We are dedicated to providing our clients with high quality lead generation and qualification services. We generate our leads from both direct and secondary sources, many of which our competitors do not have access. Our in-house lead qualification process ensures that your business does not waste time on poor or false leads. We work together with you to determine the proper customer targeting and filtering criteria to deliver leads at a low cost to you.

Low Risk: Our fee structure includes a Pay-Per-Lead option where you only pay for verified and delivered customer leads which is supplemented by our robust lead return policy. Small and medium businesses may have capital constraints or lack in-house expertise and be hesitant to commit to launching a successful marketing campaign. We have proprietary customer databases and broader access to new consumers through several media channels – which can be tapped for your business at a fraction of your typical marketing costs. Through our services and expertise, providers and suppliers can mitigate their investment risk and pay only for delivered, superior performance.

Customized Services: Whether your business needs 10 potential customer leads or a fully-customized marketing plan, we work to meet your business needs. Our experience in quantitative economic analysis and strategic planning can help you to determine the appropriate level of investment resources that should be dedicated to your marketing efforts.