Real-Time Qualification & Delivery

Proprietary Process. We use a multi-tiered qualification process leveraging our proprietary software and our employed call center agents. All lead sources are scrubbed to validate a lead’s contact information, project information, and interest in receiving quotes or service from a provider. Our leads have been recognized by numerous clients in the solar and energy services industry as a better return-on-investment (ROI) than other external marketing channels.

Robust Quality Control. Our Leads are qualified in real-time and delivered within 1 minute. We have built a sophisticated software system that efficiently manages our lead flow and runs our proprietary filtering and qualification algorithms at each step. We discard leads that don’t meet the quality control metrics so you don’t waste your time on poor quality.  Leads that are flagged by our systems and team are escalated to a higher tiered qualification process and are only delivered when contact, project, or interest in receiving quotes has been re-confirmed by our team.

Conscientious Employees. A robust lead QC process is essential to delivering you high quality customer leads.  Because quality is core to our business, our team and call center agents are full-time U.S. based employees with an interest in clean energy, enabling us to maintain robust training and quality controls absent in many outsourced services.  Our team can respond quickly and rapidly to your business needs and have been successful in helping many clients improve their sales process!

Real-time Delivery. Lead quality degrades over time. We utilize our technology platform to deliver leads to you in real-time with no delay. What does this mean?  Once a lead is qualified by our proprietary process it is delivered to you within 30 seconds to 1 minute by email and/or sent directly into your CRM (Customer Relationahip Management) system. We can easily integrate with any CRM system such as SalesForce, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics or your own custom CRM.  We believe time is of the essence to have your sales teams act on the leads and achieve superior success rates!

To sign up to receive leads today, fill out our online form.  We look forward to supporting your business.