Frequently Asked Questions

How long has CEE been generating qualified leads?
We’ve been supporting many of our clients since 2010.

Who purchases leads from CEE?
Over 500 companies receive leads from CEE.

What makes CEE leads better or different from other services?
1. We provide consistent quality leads and employ over 50 U.S. based QC (Quality Control) agents who screen leads before they reach our clients.
2. Our conversion rates have been verified and tested on over 100,000 leads by many of the largest installers in the U.S.
3. Our marketplace allows each client to select their filters and choose whatever bid price they want for leads.

What types of leads does CEE provide?
We provide real-time (sent to you as soon as they pass our QC) pre-qualified leads for a variety of home improvement projects. We allow clients to purchase Exclusive leads and Non-Exclusive leads (shared with a max of 3 other contractors).

How are CEE leads generated?
Our leads are generated online, offline and everywhere in between. We have over 250 distinct channels, many owned by Clean Energy Experts and some exclusive partnerships. Regardless of how a lead is generated, all leads go through the same QC process which allows us to keep lead quality consistent even though we source from hundreds of channels.

How are CEE leads qualified?
We have a proprietary scoring algorithm and human review. In most cases, all leads are phone verified prior to approval.

What information is provided with a lead?
Name, Phone, Address, Email (if provided). We also include all project details (e.g., for solar leads generation we collect Monthly Electric Bill, Roof Shade and Electric Utility).

How are CEE leads sent?
Leads are sent real-time (immediately after approval) via CRM and/or email.

How often does your QC team approve a lead versus reject an inquiry?
A lead is approved when the consumer 1) Expresses interest in getting quotes for their project, and 2) Verifies their information.

What are the conversion rates of CEE leads?
Proposal and close rates vary by client, region, project type and lead exclusivity. Many clients have proposal rates between 20-50% for our leads.

How does CEE lead pricing work?
You only pay for the leads you receive. There’s usually plenty of leads approved each day, so bid at a level you are comfortable with.

Any hidden fees?
No. You just pay the price per lead, which you set.

Is there a minimum purchase order?

Are monthly budget caps available?

What payment options does CEE offer?
For recurring clients, we offer an automatic credit card post-payment option – we send you leads and charge you after we send them. For one-time purchases, you must pay before receiving leads.

Does my bid price impact the quality of the lead I receive?
No. All leads are QC’d in the same manner, regardless of which clients get the lead.

Does CEE provide exclusive or non-exclusive leads?
Yes. Exclusive leads are only sent to you. Non-exclusive leads can go to a maximum of 4 total clients. You can set your exclusivity level in your campaign.

How many times is a lead sold?
Once for exclusive leads. 1-4 times for non-exclusive leads.

How can I get more CEE leads?
Add another campaign. Broaden filters for existing campaigns. Increase bid price.

How do I sign up for leads?
Click here or go to It only takes 5 minutes.

How do I login to my portal?
Login to your portal at

What is CEE’s return policy?
Leads can be returned within seven days for the following reasons: 1) Outside your selected geographies 2) Phone number is disconnected 3) Duplicate lead sent previously by CEE 4) A job-seeker 5) Another contractor 6) For Solar – not a homeowner 7) CEE test lead. CEE may revise this return policy from time to time.

What is CEE’s cancellation policy?
You can cancel anytime.

How are CEE leads sent to me?
Via CRM and/or email.