Grow Your Business with Solar Leads

No contract, no fees, no money down, no minimum purchase.
You set the price per lead and pay for only leads you receive.
Live Solar Customer Inquiry calls transferred directly to your phone in Every State.

Over 45,000 solar leads per month!
100% phone verbal verified by US based solar professionals.
No Cost Dedicated Account Manager Service.

15+ Years of business in Solar Lead Generation.
Analytics & Reporting to help you Target Price & Location.
Spanish speaking leads available in all 50 states and Puerto Rico!

Close more solar deals with high-quality solar leads.

CEE is a leading solar lead generation company that helps businesses and salespeople find potential customers interested in solar energy. Our services include live customer
inquiry calls, verified leads, and reporting to help clients target their pricing and location. Our options are flexible and customized to fit your needs, with no contract, fees, or
minimum purchase required. You can choose the price per lead you want to pay, and we offer a dedicated account manager service to ensure your success. We also offer
Spanish-speaking leads in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Partner with CEE to grow your business through qualified solar leads.

Why Choose CEE

By partnering with Clean Energy Experts for your lead generation needs, you can free up time, energy, and money to focus on growing and expanding your solar business.

Let CEE take care of generating high-quality leads that convert into sales.

Coverage of all US States

With an average of over 45,000 solar leads sold per month, we have the volume and reach to support your business no matter where you are located. Our flexible targeting options allow you to tailor your lead search to specific regions or even single zip codes, so you can focus on the areas where your solar company serves.

Easy Start-Up

Simply create a free account to access our Lead Manager platform, and your dedicated account manager will walk you through our solar lead generation services. With just a few clicks, you can start and stop the flow of leads in real time to match your business needs.

No Commitment

There are no contracts, fees, or minimum purchase requirements, so you can start and stop your lead flow as needed. You'll only pay for the leads you receive, and there are no management fees or retainer costs. Our team is here to support you and help you succeed in the solar industry. We offer a range of services to help you grow your business.

Control and Flexibility

Our Lead Manager platform provides an all-access, self-service control panel that you can use 24/7/365 to adjust lead pricing and other filter settings. You can also use the Lead Manager portal as a free CRM to track your sales process and stay organized.

Consistent High-Quality Solar Leads

Every solar lead we generate undergoes a qualification call where we verbally verify that they are the homeowner and interested in a quote for solar from a US-based professional. All leads agree to be contacted by your company during this verification call, so you can be confident that you are reaching qualified homeowners who are interested in hearing from you.

Profit from Buying Solar Leads

Our team includes a Data Performance Analysis team that can help you achieve your profit targets. We offer the same methods and strategies used by the largest solar companies to optimize your lead generation efforts.

Our Services

Solar Lead Generation

Clean Energy Experts is the biggest generator of residential and commercial solar leads. The volume of solar leads we can generate every month is proof. We provide both quality and quantity of sales leads to our clients.

How We Generate Our Leads

Solar lead generation is the process of attracting and converting potential customers interested in switching to solar energy. Our company has been providing high-quality solar leads for 15 years through a variety of marketing channels, including SEO, SEM, social media, and call centers. We have a national presence and use diversified marketing
strategies to reach a wider audience. Our lead generation process involves educating consumers about solar energy and collecting actionable information from those interested in
getting solar quotes. All leads go through a call-back verification process and are subject to quality control standards before being delivered to our customers in real time through
various methods such as live transfer, email, CRM, or text message.

What’s in Our Solar Leads

A solar lead is a person interested in switching to solar energy, and our company helps provide them with the necessary information to move forward with a site visit or sale. We also validate their interest and property ownership to confirm their eligibility for a quote or service. Our solar leads include personal details, such as name and address, as well as information about the project, like the monthly electric bill and the type of property it is for (home or business).

How We Keep Our Leads Reasonably Priced

We understand that cost is a major concern when it comes to buying leads, which is why we’ve developed strategies and techniques over the past 15 years to help our clients save on costs while still getting high-quality leads. Our cost-saving approach translates to lower prices for customers, and our flexible pricing options allow you to pay as you go or pay for leads after you receive them. 

Our solutions can be tailored to meet your specific business needs and marketing plans, and there are no hidden fees or contracts to worry about. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you save resources and grow your business.

How Flexible Are Our Solar Lead Solutions

We offer flexible options for our lead generation services to help you maximize your budget, including the choice between exclusive live-transfer leads and non-exclusive leads. You can also increase your lead volume by expanding your campaign’s geography, filters, or budget cap, and our pricing and delivery methods allow you to set the price you pay for leads and engineer profitability. 

Our geo-filters allow you to receive leads only from specific geographical locations down to individual zip codes. With our extensive experience in data analysis and marketing, we are committed to providing the support you need to succeed in the renewable energy industry. Contact us today to learn more.

Who Are Our Clients

From individual solar salespeople to the top 10 national solar companies, we work with a wide range of clients, including solar installers, home contractors, commercial
contractors, energy auditors, distributors, and manufacturers. 

Over 5,000 companies have used our leads to grow their businesses, and we have a proven track record of helping solar professionals close more deals and succeed in the industry. 

If you’re ready to spend less time generating leads and more time closing deals, contact us today to learn how we can help your business.

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years experience
100 #1
solar lead provder
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Buy Live-Transfer and Non-Exclusive Leads from CEE

Clean Energy Experts is a step above other solar lead generation companies, with no contracts, fees, or upfront payments required. We have a deep understanding of the needs of solar businesses and have made it easy and simple for them to sign up and secure high-quality leads at competitive prices. 

Our scalable and adaptable solutions allow us to assist with any number of leads you require, and our team is always ready to respond to your inquiries. If you’re ready to try a
solar lead generation company that truly cares about your success, contact us today to learn more.