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In the heart of Texas, solar energy is shining brighter than ever. As the top producer of electricity in the US, Texas leads in renewable energy, with a significant shift from coal to solar and wind power.

There is an ever-increasing demand for solar panels in this sunny and wind-swept state, and Clean Energy Experts is poised to help businesses harness this growing market. With Texas’s abundant renewable resources and the increasing affordability of solar power, we provide a golden opportunity for solar companies to connect with a vast pool of potential customers. 

Tap into Texas’s solar potential and grow your business with the leading provider of quality solar leads.

Why Get Texas Solar Leads

The price of solar power generation in Texas has dropped by 43% in the last ten years, with an average cost now ranging between $2.31 to $3.13 per watt. And with 3,700 sunny hours or 233 sunny days a year, Texas homeowners are now seeing it as an increasingly affordable and viable energy option.

Over the next five years, Texas is expected to add an astounding 38,523 MW of solar capacity, suggesting a vast potential for growth in solar panel production and installation in the state. The state currently ranks 2nd in the nation for solar power generation, with enough capacity to power over 2 million homes—a number that’s continually rising with more residential solar installations.

This growing interest in getting solar panels from both individuals and businesses creates a prime opportunity for your solar company. Seize this chance to connect with Texan residents eager to adopt solar power​ and consider investing and buying solar leads. 

Choose Clean Energy Experts for Texas Solar Leads

With Clean Energy Experts, your business can effectively capitalize on the solar energy potential of Texas. We are renowned for generating the largest number of residential and commercial solar leads. Our expertise in creating a high volume of quality leads each month ensures that our clients receive the best sales leads, allowing you to focus on what you do best—installing solar systems.

Innovative Lead Generation Methods

With 15 years at the forefront of solar lead generation, we utilize a diverse mix of marketing channels including SEO, SEM, social media, and call centers. Our nationwide presence and varied solar marketing strategies enable us to reach a broad audience across the US. We also focus on educating consumers about solar energy benefits while gathering actionable data from those interested in solar solutions.

Quality and Detail-Oriented Solar Leads

Our leads are more than just contact information—each lead represents an individual actively seeking to transition to solar energy. All our leads include crucial details like personal information, property ownership, and project specifics such as monthly electric bills and property type. This thorough approach ensures solar companies receive leads that are not just interested but also ready and eligible for solar services, which will pave the way for successful engagements and sales.

Why Choose Us

Nationwide Coverage and Precision Targeting

Our reach extends across all US states, with over 45,000 solar leads sold monthly. We provide flexible targeting options, like precise focusing on specific regions or zip codes, aligning perfectly with your business’s operational areas.

Effortless Start-Up and Real-Time Lead Management

Creating a free account grants you access to our intuitive Lead Manager platform. A dedicated account manager will guide you, which will offer you the ability to start and stop lead flow in real-time, tailored to your business needs.

Commitment-Free Flexibility

Enjoy the freedom of no contracts or minimum purchases. Pay only for the leads you use, with no hidden fees. Our platform also serves as a CRM tool, offering 24/7 control over lead settings and sales tracking.

Guaranteed High-Quality Leads

Exclusive solar leads undergo a thorough qualification process, ensuring they are genuine homeowners interested in solar quotes. This process guarantees your solar company receives only the most qualified solar leads.

Maximize Your Profitability

Leverage the expertise of our Data Performance Analysis team. We use industry-leading strategies to enhance your lead generation and reach your profit goals.

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Expand your solar business in Texas with Clean Energy Experts, your partner in connecting with homeowners actively seeking quality solar installation. Take the first step toward building enduring relationships with future clients and enhancing your business in the solar industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has CEE been generating qualified leads?

We have been generating qualified leads and supporting solar companies and more since 2010​​.

Who purchases leads from CEE?

Over 500 companies have bought or currently buy solar leads from us, which showcases the widespread trust and reliance on our services​​.

What makes CEE leads better or different from other services?

Here are some reasons why CEE leads stand out:

  • Consistent quality, ensured by over 50 US-based Quality Control agents who screen each lead.
  • Conversion rates verified and tested on over 100,000 leads by some of the largest installers in the US.
  • A customizable marketplace that allows clients to select their filters and set their own bid prices for leads​​.

How are CEE leads qualified?

Leads are qualified using a proprietary scoring algorithm and human review, with all leads being phone-verified before approval​​.

What information is provided with a qualified solar lead?

Each lead includes the name, phone number, address, and email (if provided), along with all relevant project details such as monthly electric bill, roof shade, and electric utility​​.

How are CEE leads sent?

Leads are sent in real-time, immediately after approval, via CRM and/or email​​.

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