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In sunny Florida, the potential for solar energy is as vast as its beautiful beaches. With the state constantly basking in the sunshine, there’s a rapid and notable increase in homeowners embracing solar power. This trend is a clear sign of Floridians’ burgeoning interest in sustainable energy solutions.

Seize this opportunity and get high-quality leads for your solar services with Clean Energy Experts. Our 15+ years in solar lead generation have honed our expertise in providing quality and efficiency. With a robust team of US-based experts, we assure high-quality, phone-verified solar leads. We offer live transferred qualified leads across all states, empowering our partners to focus on their expertise: closing deals and expanding their solar companies.

Why Get Florida Solar Leads

Solar energy is thriving in Florida, thanks to the state’s plentiful sunshine and great weather. Each year, Florida enjoys over 2,900 hours of sunshine, creating the ideal conditions for solar power. This surge in solar energy presents an excellent opportunity for businesses in the solar industry to connect with potential customers. In fact, in 2023, Florida outpaced the rest of the US in solar installations, breaking its own yearly records in just six months.

A survey also revealed that Florida has one of the highest numbers of residents interested in installing solar due to its environmental benefits and the long-term savings it offers. Additionally, attractive incentives and rebates from the government, along with the high return on investment of solar panel systems, make the transition to solar power even more appealing for homeowners in Florida.

With more people and businesses interested in installing solar panels and harnessing the sun’s energy, your solar business can really make a difference. Capitalize on this moment and buy solar leads in Florida—connect with residents ready to embrace solar power.

Choose Clean Energy Experts for Florida Solar Leads

At Clean Energy Experts, we pride ourselves on being the largest generator of residential and commercial solar leads. Our success is evident in the sheer volume of high-quality leads we generate each month. Our unique approach combines both quality and quantity, ensuring our clients receive the best sales leads so they can focus on what they do best—installing solar panels.

How We Generate Our Solar Leads

We’ve been at the forefront of solar lead generation for 15 years, utilizing a blend of marketing channels like SEO, SEM, social media, and call centers. Our national presence and diverse marketing strategies allow us to reach a wide audience across the United States. 

Our lead generation includes educating consumers on the benefits of solar energy and gathering actionable information from those interested in receiving solar quotes. Rigorous quality control standards are applied, and every qualified lead goes through a call-back verification process before being delivered to our clients in real time via live transfer, email, CRM, or text message.

What’s in Our Solar Leads

The leads we generate are more than just names and numbers—they represent individuals genuinely interested in transitioning to solar energy. 

We ensure that our leads include essential personal details, property ownership validation, and specific project information like monthly electric bills and property type (residential or commercial). 

This comprehensive approach ensures that the leads you receive are not only interested but also eligible for a quote or service, setting the stage for a successful site visit or sale.

Why Choose Clean Energy Services

Nationwide Coverage: With an average of over 45,000 solar leads sold monthly, we offer unparalleled volume and reach for any solar technology company. Our flexible targeting lets you hone in on specific regions or zip codes, ensuring relevance to your service area.

No Commitment: Enjoy the freedom of no contracts, fees, or minimum purchases. Pay only for the leads you receive, with the flexibility to adjust your lead flow as needed.

Easy Start-Up: Setting up is a breeze with our free account creation and user-friendly Lead Manager platform. Your dedicated account manager guides you through every step, offering real-time lead flow control.

Control and Flexibility: Our Lead Manager platform doubles as a CRM tool, giving you 24/7 access to adjust lead settings and track your sales process.

Consistent High-Quality Solar Leads: Every lead undergoes a rigorous qualification call, ensuring you receive only verified and interested homeowners.

Profit from Buying Solar Leads: Benefit from the expertise of our Data Performance Analysis team, employing strategies used by top solar companies to optimize your lead generation and achieve profit targets.

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Connecting with the right customers is key to any solar company. Let us guide you to homeowners actively seeking to get the best company for solar installation—and that’s you. Reach out to us and take the first step in forming lasting partnerships with your future clients. Your journey toward growth and success in the solar industry starts here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has CEE been generating qualified leads?

We’ve been supporting many of our clients since 2010.

Who purchases leads from CEE?

Over 500 companies buy or have bought solar leads from CEE.

What makes CEE leads better or different from other services?

We have over 50 U.S.-based Quality Control (QC) agents who meticulously screen each lead before it reaches you. This rigorous process guarantees that you receive only the best, most relevant leads for your business.

Our conversion rates stand as a testament to the effectiveness of our service. These rates have been thoroughly verified and tested across over 100,000 leads by several of the largest installers in the U.S., showcasing our proven track record in the industry.

We also offer a unique marketplace that empowers our clients with choice and control. Here, you can select specific filters to tailor the leads to your exact needs and set your desired bid price for these leads. 

How are CEE leads qualified?

To make sure our leads are high quality, we have a proprietary scoring algorithm, and they’re human-reviewed. In most cases, all leads are phone-verified prior to approval.

What information is provided with a qualified solar lead?

With every lead, we provide the name, phone, address, and email, if it’s provided). We also include all project details (e.g., for solar leads generation, we collect monthly electric bills, roof shade, and electric utility).

How are CEE leads sent?

Once we generate leads, they are sent in real-time (immediately after approval) via CRM and/or email.

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