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California’s solar energy market is thriving. This shift towards solar power is a key part of the state’s strategy to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and embrace renewable energy sources. California’s dedication to clean energy and ambitious environmental targets sets the stage for a rapidly expanding solar market, signaling a vibrant and growing opportunity for solar solutions.

Tap into California’s solar potential with Clean Energy Experts. With over 13 years in the business, we offer unrivaled expertise in generating quality leads, harnessing our extensive experience and diverse solar marketing strategies to connect solar companies with the rapidly developing demand for solar power in California.

Why Get California Solar Leads

California has witnessed a twentyfold increase in solar generation over the past decade, growing from 2,609 GWh to 48,950 GWh. This leap forward aligns with California’s ambitious goals, including being carbon-neutral by 2045, as mandated by Senate Bill 100.

Over the next five years, nearly 236 GWdc of total solar capacity is expected, which will almost triple the current installed capacity. The cost of solar installations in California has also become more affordable, dropping to around 54% over the last decade. This reduction in price has made solar power more accessible and appealing, leading to a surge in interest among both residents and businesses. As solar becomes more economically viable, more Californians are considering investing in solar energy solutions.

And with this increasing interest and popularity in solar comes a great opportunity for solar companies. Now is a good time for your company to find new customers interested in clean energy—connect with Californians who are ready to switch to solar power​ through Clean Energy Experts.

Choose Clean Energy Experts for California Solar Leads

Clean Energy Experts is recognized as the largest provider of both residential and commercial solar leads. Our extensive experience results in a significant volume of quality leads each month. We focus on delivering a blend of quality and quantity, enabling our clients to concentrate on their core expertise—installing solar panels.

How We Generate Solar Leads

With 13+ years leading the way in solar lead generation, we employ a mix of marketing channels like SEO, SEM, social media, and call centers. Our broad reach across the US is bolstered by diverse solar marketing strategies and a focus on educating consumers about the benefits of solar energy. 

Each potential lead undergoes a thorough call-back verification process, ensuring that our clients receive timely, high-quality leads through live transfer, email, CRM, or text messaging.

What’s in Our Solar Leads

Low-quality leads are often only contacts—but our own leads are guaranteed individuals genuinely interested in solar panels and actively looking for solar contractors. We provide detailed information, including personal details, property ownership, and specific project data like monthly electric bills and property type. 

This approach has guaranteed us and all our clients that the solar leads you receive are not only interested but also ready for a quote or service, paving the way for successful interactions and transactions.

Why Choose Us for Generating Solar Leads

Nationwide Coverage and Targeted Approach: Clean Energy Experts provides an extensive reach with over 45,000 solar leads sold monthly across all U.S. states. Our flexible targeting options enable you to focus your lead search on specific regions or zip codes, perfectly aligning with any residential solar industry.

Effortless Start-Up and Real-Time Management: Starting is easy with a free account on our Lead Manager platform, complemented by guidance from a dedicated account manager. The platform allows you to control the flow of leads in real time.

Commitment-Free and Flexible: Buying solar leads from us requires no contracts, fees, or minimum purchase requirements. You only pay for the leads you receive. Our Lead Manager platform also doubles as a CRM tool, providing 24/7 access to adjust lead settings and track your sales process.

Guaranteed High-Quality, Exclusive Leads: When purchasing solar leads from Clean Energy Experts, we ensure the quality of each solar lead with a thorough qualification call. Confirming the homeowner’s interest and readiness for a quote guarantees that you connect with genuinely interested and qualified homeowners.

Profit from Solar Leads: Benefit from our Data Performance Analysis team, which utilizes top-tier methods and strategies for lead generation optimization, similar to those used by the largest solar companies. This approach is designed to help you meet and exceed your profit targets.

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Boost your solar business in California by partnering with Clean Energy Experts. Connect with homeowners who are actively seeking reliable solar companies.

Interested in buying solar leads? Click here to sign up and collaborate with our experienced team. For any further details or questions, like verified solar leads cost, simply fill out our contact form here. The future is solar, and we want your solar company to thrive in this growing market with Clean Energy Experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long has CEE been generating qualified leads?

Clean Energy Experts has been generating qualified leads since 2010​​.

Who purchases leads from CEE?

We generate leads for over 500 companies in the solar industry.

How are CEE leads generated?

Leads are generated through over 250 distinct channels, both online and offline, including channels owned by Clean Energy Experts and some exclusive partnerships. All leads undergo the same quality control process​​.

How are CEE leads qualified?

We qualify leads using a proprietary scoring algorithm and human review, with most leads being phone-verified before approval​​.

What information is provided with a lead?

Leads include name, phone, address, and email (if provided), along with all project details such as monthly electric bill, roof shade, and electric utility, among others.

How are CEE leads sent?

Leads are sent in real-time via CRM software and/or email, immediately after approval​​.

How often does your QC team approve a lead versus reject an inquiry?

A lead is approved when the homeowner expresses interest in getting quotes for their project and verifies their information​​.

What are the conversion rates of CEE leads?

Conversion rates vary, with many clients experiencing proposal rates between 20–50%​​.

What payment options does CEE offer?

For recurring clients, CEE offers an automatic credit card post-payment option. For one-time purchases, payment is required before receiving leads​​.

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