Clean Energy Experts’ Solar Leads Support groSolar Residential Growth & Acquisition

LOS ANGELES, CA. (February 28, 2011) Clean Energy Experts, a leader in solar lead generation, congratulates groSolar, North America’s premier provider of commercial solar integration and distributor of residential solar solutions, on the sale of its residential solar installation business unit to Solar City. groSolar continues to grow its other two channels as a leading utility scale and large commercial solar engineering, procurement and construction service provider and solar product wholesale distributior, serving more than 1,500 dealer installers across the nation.

Over the past few years, groSolar successfully grew its operations across the northeast and California to be one of the largest installers in the U.S.  This growth was fueled, in part, by the successful partnership between groSolar and Clean Energy Experts. groSolar utilized Clean Energy Experts as its main source of pre-qualified solar customer sales leads in 11 states for its residential operations.

According to groSolar’s Marketing Manager, Brian Armentrout, “Clean Energy Experts’ solar leads program helped us successfully grow our sales throughout competitive solar states like California and New Jersey, as well as through the entire Northeast. With their supply of real-time leads supplementing our internal activities, our sales team was able to cost-effectively close more new customer prospects, boosting not only our revenues but our profile nationally as a solar integrator. I think this expansive reach to east coast homeowners was major attraction for Solar City.”

“We congratulate groSolar for success in serving thousands of solar customers and the divestiture of their residential installation division acquired by Solar City”, states Dr. Beau Peelle, President of Clean Energy Experts.  “We are proud that our solar leads programs have supported groSolar’s sales team for years. In addition to providing high quality leads, we have worked with groSolar to ensure their lead-to-close process extracts the greatest value from the lead flow and provides an attractive ROI (return on investment). We are excited to continue to support groSolar’s rapid growth in large scale solar projects and distribution to residential and commercial providers.”

Jeffery Wolfe, Chief Executive Officer of groSolar, agrees stating “groSolar chooses its partners carefully and found value in services offered by Clean Energy Experts. What we appreciated most about Clean Energy Experts is their commitment to making sure they brought us qualified leads. In doing so, they would exchange the bad leads for good ones. Their service is leaps and bounds above their competition.”

Clean Energy Experts was not at all involved in the deal, but maintains separate relations with groSolar and Solar City. To learn more about the deal, visit:

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groSolar is North America’s premier provider of solar energy solutions for commercial and residential applications.  groSolar serves the 1 to 30 MW commercial markets with complete EPC, financing, and development options, while serving the residential markets exclusively through its nationwide distribution division. Founded in 1998, groSolar brings leading knowledge to the industry and integrates components from leading solar manufacturers into simple solar energy solutions, which generate clean, reliable energy for decades. groSolar is a mission-driven company dedicated to providing high quality solar energy systems and financial solutions. Learn more at or call 800.374.4494.

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