Mark Williams has served as the General Manager of CEE since 2016, and has worked in the solar industry since 2007. His journey began in manufacturing at BP Solar, overseeing quality control for all major stages of solar panel creation: Ingot Casting, Wafering, Cell Line, and Panel Assembly. His path continued to directly selling solar installations at Clean Currents, and later he grew into a sales manager and marketing manager at Standard Solar. In 2013, after buying leads from CEE he decided to join the team as a Client Account Manager. When CEE’s founders moved on in 2016, Mark was promoted into the General Manager role and remains heavily involved in areas of CEE.

Mark earned an MBA from University of Maryland, and is also a graduate of Drexel University. He is passionate about leaving our world a better place, and is driven to help the solar industry at large achieve adoption in a profitable way. As a dedicated husband and father, after hours you’ll usually find him at his children’s sporting events, walking the dog, or taking his wife out on a date!