The Best Residential Solar Leads

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Buying Guide to Qualified Residential Solar Leads

Renewable energy is gaining traction amidst rising concerns about climate change and global warming. In particular, there’s an increasing demand for solar energy due to its availability and cost benefits.

There are many different ways to go about building a lucrative solar business. Opportunities exist in virtually every area of solar power. You can go into installation and repairs, or maybe sales and service. However, you should choose a niche that isn’t saturated in your area for a greater chance of success.

It’s also important to do your research and define who your target market is going to be. These days, solar panels are being used for both commercial and residential purposes. If you’re planning to start small, targeting homeowners is a great idea.

What are qualified solar leads?

Advertising your solar business would entail adopting a handful of different strategies. Diversifying your marketing campaigns draws more eyeballs to your products and services.

But if there was one marketing tactic that you could start with, it would be to generate solar leads.

What exactly are qualified solar leads? These are potential customers who were vetted by a third-party company. The vetting process is necessary to ensure that only people really interested in “going solar” make the cut. This yields high-quality solar leads, giving solar contractors a better chance of making a sale.

People who are serious about installing solar panels in their homes and have been vetted are considered qualified leads.

How does it work?

Solar panel companies can run advertising on websites and social media platforms. These ads should target individuals who are genuinely considering making the switch to solar power. When people click on your ads, they’re redirected to a landing page with a form asking them to provide their contact information.

A solar lead generation company typically has a network of solar installers that they work with. This allows it to match leads with the right company. After a lead is generated, it’s up to the solar contractor to follow up and turn it into a sale. 

How do qualified solar leads differ from other leads?

There are a few key ways that qualified solar leads differ from other leads:

As mentioned earlier, qualified residential solar leads have been vetted by a third-party organization. They are more likely to be high-quality, interested prospects. 

Non-qualified leads are the opposite. They are less expensive because the people who belong to this group are less interested in buying solar panels.

Non-qualified leads cost less and may help you save money up front, but they could end up costing you more in customer lifetime value. When it comes to buying solar leads, quality beats quantity every time.

Pre-qualified lead

When a residential lead is pre-qualified, it has been determined that it is a good fit for solar companies. Location, energy usage, and roof type are all factors for pre-qualification.

A pre-qualified solar lead saves businesses time and effort in the sales process. It also gives  you confidence that the residential solar lead is a good match for your products or services.

Access to contact information

You have access to a person’s phone number, email, home address, or possibly all of that information. As a solar company, having homeowners’ contact information makes it easier to reach out to them directly. You can then initiate conversations and build relationships, rather than starting from scratch with a cold lead.

Benefits of Using Qualified Solar Leads

Some of the key advantages of using qualified solar leads are: 

Improved accuracy and quality of leads

By working with a reputable solar lead generation company, you can be sure that the leads you receive are accurate. You are then more likely to convert these leads into customers, which in turn can boost your sales and revenues.

Solar leads cost savings

A qualified solar lead provider specializes in generating leads and has the needed resources. This could help you save money on your lead acquisition costs. 

A wider pool of leads

Reliable lead generation companies have access to a wider pool of lead channels. As a client, you can target a larger number of customers, which can help increase your sales.

Enhanced customer service

Lead generation companies offer top-notch customer service. This is beneficial for your solar company. 

What does an enhanced level of customer service entail? 

  • Providing you with more information about each lead
  • Helping you to troubleshoot any problems that you may have
  • Offering advice on how to best convert leads into customers.

Signs That a Lead Is Not Qualified 

Make sure generating solar leads is a company’s top priority if you’re thinking about working with them.

Here’s how you can tell when a residential solar lead is not qualified:

The source of the lead is unclear and not relevant to your business

A reputable lead generation company will be able to tell you where their leads come from and will not just peddle cheap solar leads. It will take your target market into account when finding leads for your specific business.

The contact information for the lead is not up-to-date

Homeowners’ phone numbers and email addresses should be up-to-date. You don’t want to waste your time contacting leads that no longer exist.

The prospect shows no interest in your product or service

To make sure the leads are a good fit for your solar installation business, a good lead generation company will qualify the leads it generates.

Qualified solar leads are a valuable resource for solar installers and consumers

Qualified solar leads have been pre-screened by a reputable third party, saving you time and energy in your sales process. These leads also come with up-to-date contact information and other key data that are useful when reaching out and engaging with potential customers.

Furthermore, they are a cost-effective way to find new solar customers since you’re only paying for leads that have been verified as being interested in going solar.

Overall, high-quality leads are a great way to find new solar customers, save time, and money. They are a great way to ensure you’re getting quality leads. While they are more costly than other lead generation methods, they are truly worth the investment.  

By partnering with an experienced and reputable solar lead company, you can get access to high-quality leads that are likely to convert into sales.

We Offer Qualified Sales Prospects

Clean Energy Experts educates and collects consumer interest in solar, energy efficiency, or home improvements from a variety of marketing channels. 

None of our leads are incentivized, and all of our leads are provided with educational information. They are also given the clear understanding that they will receive quotes from local installers, dealers, or contractors. 

We have primed the sales process for your company to convert these leads into closed sales deals! Our quality standards apply to all our sales leads: residential, commercial, solar, energy audits, and home improvement alike.

Diverse Sourcing

As lead generation specialists, we employ a variety of proven marketing channels to generate our leads. More importantly, we are constantly testing and adjusting existing and new channels in order to provide you with a greater volume of qualified leads at a lower price. 

Our main marketing channels include:

  • Websites and email campaigns
  • Search and display networks
  • Social media
  • Blogging and news networks
  • Call center (US employees of CEE)
  • TV and video
  • Grassroots and referrals

Actionable Information

We collect the key information for our clients to take the next step and schedule a site visit or close a sale. We don’t overburden or fatigue the consumer with extensive, unimportant questioning. 

Many new CEE clients come in the door ready to start lead volume. That’s because they know we are already qualifying the contact information and interest level of the lead. Our leads are delivered in real-time with the following types of information: contact information, project location, and lead compliance validation.

At Clean Energy Experts, we believe the clean energy market is poised for exceptional growth. Through increased consumer education and efficient marketing techniques, we can unlock consumer demand at a lower cost to you, the service or product provider. 

Our mission at Clean Energy Experts is to accelerate the adoption of cost-effective, environmentally beneficial energy solutions, in particular those involving solar power and energy storage. 

By promoting awareness and stimulating demand, we have a positive impact on saving consumers money and our environment. CEE is helping grow the clean energy industry in the United States in the process. 

We aim to generate leads that exceed your expectations and develop along with your business.