Top Energy Efficient Tax Credits

Improve the energy efficiency of your home and tax money at the same time with these energy efficiency tax credits: 1. Fuel Cells Fuel cells are an incredibly exciting technology that many people do not know about. A fuel cell is an electrochemical device that converts chemical energy into electricity. More technically, fuel cells use…

Hello Eco Setting the Standard for Cost Effective, Environmentally Friendly Print Management

When businesses think of going green and energy efficiency to help lower their operating costs, they typically consider programs such as recycling, energy efficient appliances or even energy efficient lighting.  Few companies, however, focus on their printing. While we live in the digital age where virtually everything is sent via email, corporate printing is still…

Raise Your Energy Efficiency I.Q.

By: California Energy Commission Outlines simple steps and methods to help simplify your energy lifestyle and lower your energy bill.  View Report.

Crude Reckoning: The Impact of Petroleum on California’s Public Health and Environment

By: Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies Discusses the footprint of the oil and gasoline industry’s impact on California and provides a methodology for reducing that footprint.  View Report.

Unhooking California: Eleven Things Californians Can Do NOW to Save Gasoline (and Money)

By: Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Technologies Discusses simple techniques and methods to lower our individual dependence on gasoline.  View Report.