Renewable Energy Education Programs

By: Solar Energy International

List of solar power workshop and education programs.  View Report.

Consumers Guide to Solar

By: U.S. Department of Energy

A simple consumer’s guide to solar power by the U.S. Department of Energy.  View Report.

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency: Economic Drivers for the 21st Century

By: American Solar Energy Society

This report examines three growth scenarios for renewable energy industries including their respective impacts on job creation.  View Report.

Where America Figures in Solar Photovoltaic’s Future

By: Solar Alliance

Discusses the technical, political and economic issues facing PV solar power over the next decade.  View Report.

U.S. Solar Market Trends 2008

By: Interstate Renewable Energy Council

Discusses trends and opportunities in the U.S. solar power market for 2010 and beyond.  View Report.

January 2009 Staff Progress Report: CA PV Installs

By: California Public Utilities Commission

Discusses the increased growth and adoption of solar in California as as reslt of the California Solar Initiative.  View Report.

Tracking the Sun

By: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Summarizes trends and the declining costs associated with the installed cost of grid-connected PV systems (solar power) in the United States from 1998 through 2007.  View Report.

US Solar Industry Year in Review 2008

By: Solar Energy Industries Association

Discusses the growth of the solar industry, despite global economic setbacks, through 2008.  View Report.

Solar Photovoltaic Financing: Residential Solar Deployment

By: National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Summarizes the uses of federal, state, and utility incentives to finance residential PV systems (solar power) and shows how the variations in local incentives, solar resources and electricity prices effect the payoff of an investment in PV equipment.  View Report.